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Mirror Mirror Late Spring 2014 Highlights

I had a really great event this past weekend. I had a lot of fun with only a few moments of high stress, which was exactly what I needed.
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Thoughts on the Arcane Plague

I really like the existence of the Arcane Plague in the Accelerant games I play. Basically, if you (the player) are physically unable/unfit to go do something (due to sickness, fatigue, etc.), but that is inconsistent with how your character would act, you can claim to have symptoms of the Plague and other players will understand that you (the player) need to sit out. Used appropriately, the Plague allows players to take care of their out-of-game needs while breaking immersion as little as possible.

However, I've run into a strange situation where the Plague is referenced on the behalf of others, when they are otherwise using in-game excuses to back out of something. For example, at a recent event that was unreasonably hot, when I mentioned that I needed to back out of the second half of a mod because I needed to go back to town to rest and cool off, I was told "It's okay if you need to come down with the Plague." I could sort of see "the plague" as adventurer slang for needing to sit out, but that sort of reference tends to break my immersion.

The Plague is very useful for getting across an OOG concept when you don't have good IG means. I'd like to see it used more strictly in reference to the magical illness, because having a rock-solid IG reason to sit out when you would otherwise be heroic is so useful. (This doesn't rule out referencing the plague when others might need to sit out - I can easily imagine someone saying "You don't look well - do you think those might be symptoms of the Plague?")
As my friends are no doubt aware, I have to drive 14+ hours north if I travel by car to make it to Mirror Mirror. I traveled by plane to the most recent Mirror Mirror for the first time, and it looks like it will become my preferred means of making it up there (assuming that I can afford it on my grad student budget).

I've noticed that having to travel such a long distance changes the way that I approach playing the game. I'd like to play Mirror Mirror indefinitely, but my plans to travel north are held together by duct tape. I have to take a lot of time out of my schedule, I'm reliant on others being available to give me rides form the airport, and I have to be able to afford the plane tickets. I have to play each game not knowing for sure if I will be able to make the next.

Thus far, when playing Kiala at Mirror Mirror, I've felt much more of a cosmic sense of urgency when I play my character. A lot of this might also be related to being more able to articulate my goals and having many more things to do than I used to in NERO, but some of it is not being sure that I will be able to put things off to future events. In a way, it's refreshing to have an underlying force pushing me to be active as a player. I'm used to playing very passively and letting Kiala fade to the background.

At both Numina and Mirror Mirror, I'm one of only a couple of players from North Carolina. There are a lot of cool people involved with those two games that I'd like to get to know better, but it's hard to make friendships when you only get to see people about four times per year. I'd like to put a little more effort this year into getting to know people before and after game, simply because I don't get much of a chance to see people outside of the games.

Starting a larping journal

I decided to go ahead and start a journal to collect some larping thoughts. One of the things I missed after transitioning from Nero to solely Accelerant games was having a forum where people would collect some of their favorite moments from the games they played. (I currently play Kiala at Mirror Mirror and Talon at Numina.)

I love that some people write stories about their characters. I think I'm going to stick to writing from an out-of-character perspective - creative writing has always been difficult for me.

I'm not quite sure what privacy settings to use on LJ. No promises on quantity of content.



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